Max Roach – Blues Waltz (Drum Solo)

Max Roach has been the first to record an album entirely based on triple meter, unusual until the mid-fifties, recording as leader Jazz in 3/4 Time (1957) for the label EmArcy, with Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Sonny Rollins on tenor saxophone, Billy Wallace on piano, George Morrow on double bass and Max Roach on drums.

Here’s the transcription of the drum solo played by Roach on “Blues Waltz” (first track of the album), the interesting thing is how he organizes musical ideas into phrases of four bars. A characteristic of his drumming is the ostinato with foot played during the entire solo: with the bass drum on “1″ and the hi-hat on “2″ & “3 (as can you hear, hi-hat is open with left foot on the second beat). The solo starts at 4:51.

The tempo of tune is approximately 178 beats per minute, have fun.


Toto – Africa (Drum Sheet Music)

I’m a massive Jeff Porcaro fan, and here’s for you another transcription from one of his most recognizable work…Africa by Toto is one the most famous song of the eighties, it was recorded in the 1981, released as single in 1982 and after  was included in the album Toto IV. The song was co-wrote by David Paich with Jeff Porcaro, introducing a different sound from all previous works of the band.
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Max Roach – Take The ‘A’ Train (Trading Fours/ Drum Break)

Hi folks, here’s the drum transcription for the drum break/trading fours played by Max Roach on the tune Take the ‘A’ Train from the album Study in Brown (1955) by Clifford Brown & Max Roach.

On the A section of the tune Max Roach plays the fours trading with the band, while on the bridge he plays an entire drum break, the tempo of tune is approximately 290 beats per minute!

Max Roach - Take The A Train (Drum Break)1.jpg

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Sting – Love Is Stronger Than Justice (Drum Sheet Music)

Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven) is the second track of the album Ten Summoner’s Tales (1993) by Sting, with the great Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. The interesting stuff of the song are the two different time signatures during the verse/intro and the chorus section.

The Verse/Intro groove is in 7/8, the snare is played on the third and the seventh eight note, the bass drum part changes during the intro and the verse; on the verse is played on the one, the and of four and six. “Saint Augustine in Hell” from the same album have a similar groove (but with a difference regarding the cymbal pattern).

During the Chorus Vinnie Colaiuta plays a very light shuffle in 4/4, that gives at the song a country vibe.

Here’s the download link for the full drum sheet music:


Sting - Love is stronger than justice.jpg

Boz Scaggs – Lido Shuffle (Drum Sheet Music)

Hi folks here’s the full drum sheet music for Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs from the album Silk Degrees released in 1977, with Jeff Porcaro on drums.

For purchasing the drum sheet music of the song go here:

Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle (Drum Sheet Music)1.jpg

Here you can find other transcriptions of Jeff Porcaro:

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Latin, Brazilian Full Drum Sheet Music

Hi folks, here i am with a new stuff. I  transcribed and put together in a folder three latin brazilian songs. If you don’t know how to approach and play this style of music listen and understand what they play is very important and can help you to learn the language of brazilian music. The folder includes the full drum sheet music for: Lei  by Djavan, Chora tua Tristeza by Leny Andrade and Ladeira da Preguiça by Rosa Passos ( including the drum notation key). Here’s the download link:


All feedback and comments are greatly appreciated, cheers!

Here you can listen the songs:

Rosa Passos – Ladeira da Preguiça:

Art Blakey – Are You Real Trading 4’s

Here’s the last free drum transcription of the year…the famous trading fours played by Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers on the tune Are You Real  from the album Moanin; you can download the pdf here below.

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Are You Real (drum fours)1.jpg


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