Elvin Jones – Night Dreamer

Here’s a short transcription of Elvin Jones playing on Night Dreamer by Wayne Shorter.The tune is a medium jazz waltz tempo with a heavy groove and modal harmony… I’ve transcribed just the intro and the head.The tune is a good exercise to work on 3/4 stuff like coordination, independence, linear phrasing and rudiments.


I suggest to work on foot coordination focusing on bass drum, hi-hat and ride cymbal and after adding the snare; at the beginning you can play the hi-hat on 2 and 3 (bass drum on dotted quarter notes) and play some variations on snare…after try to play the hi-hat on the upbeat on 1 and downbeat of 3 and comping with the left hand.In this tune Elvin plays and alternates both hi-hat variations, have fun and remember swing the 8th notes.



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