Stick Control Revisited: Drumset Application

A couple of days ago I shared a short clip with some hand & foot combinations using the classic Stick Control.

This application, inspired by Alan Dawson’s method, utilizes the first 12 exercises of the “72 Single Beat Combinations” (you could use the rest of the exercises, from p. 5 to p. 7) applied on the drums in this way:


As showed in the figure below, the exercises are written in 16th notes.

Stick Control_workout#11.jpg

Repeat each line four times without stopping at different tempos and when you are comfortable apply the exercises on the entire drum set (tom, floor tom, and cymbals). Also try swinging 16th notes, hi-hat 2 & 4. Have fun!

Stick Control_workout#11.jpgDOWNLOAD THE PDF

Have a great summer 😎


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