About me


Hi, my name is Francesco, I’m a musician, drummer, composer, and blogger. I play drums since I was 16 and I love all kind of music genre: jazz, rock, funk, electronic music and classical. I took private tuition with Roberto Cati and Giuseppe Carrozzo, and after I attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, studying drums with Gianni Di Renzo, Claudio Mastracci, and Roberto Gatto. In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Jazz Course in Drums and Percussion with a thesis in “Melodic Drumming”. Now I’m attending a course for a Master’s degree in music composition for video games and film.

During the years I have worked as drummer and percussionist in different music situation from rock to funk and jazz. I have good knowledge of digital audio workstation (Reason, Cubase) and audio editor (WaveLab, Audacity), producing electronic/instrumental music for my projects.

Over the years I transcribed songs, exercises, and grooves and I set this blog to make public and share my work. Here you can find drum transcriptions, exercises, and other stuff.


Francesco Vecchio